Optoma EH500 Projector Review

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Optoma EH500 Projector Review

In today’s highly competitive market, business presentations can make a huge difference for any company.  When giving a presentation to a prospective client, you’ll want to utilize a high-definition projector that can display sharp and crystal-clear text and graphics. 

Having one like the Optoma EH500 1080p 4700 Lumen Full 3D DLP Network Projector with HDMI could enable you to project a more professional image, and impress your client which may eventually lead to a business agreement.


Optoma EH500 Projector ports

Features of the Device

The Optoma EH500 features a powerful 4,700 lumens bright output paired with an impressive 10,000:1 contrast ratio. This results to amazingly bright presentations characterized by brilliant colors, sharp text and graphics. The projector’s 4700 lumens bright output makes it appropriate for use in large screen applications.

Connectivity won’t be a problem with this projector as it has numerous connectivity options. It has a couple of HDMI ports, VGA, VGA Out, composite video and S-video. It can also connect to laptops through DisplayPort.  It can also connect through 12V trigger, RS-232C, and RJ45.

It is equipped with the DLP with BrilliantColor technology feature from Texas Instrument, which enables it to display accurate and brilliant colors on screen. It also has a multi-color processing system that results to superior color saturation and accuracy, producing precise and sharp images. The product has high native contrast ratios that generates clean and crisp black and white for images and text that are easy to read.


Optoma EH500 Projector top

Praise for the Projector

People who have tried using the projector for their presentations agree that this device is highly reliable when it comes to displaying text, graphics and images on screen. The BrilliantColor technology complemented the full on/full off 10,000:1 contrast ratio in producing colorful graphics and clear text. The projector also has a highly intuitive on-screen menu that guides users in installing the product as well as manipulating and adjusting its settings.

The projector works well with all computers and laptops. It also supports Crestron Room View for over the network control and management of a maximum 250 projectors, making this product ideal for large-scale installations in corporate and educational environments.  The integrated IR remote mouse control also allows users to simplify their presentations, and its standby mode function facilitates use of less than 1watt of power when inactive.

Although the projector is kinda highly priced, owning it is actually practical because the lamp life reaches up to 3,500 hours. This means that owners can maximize the use and operation of this highly useful device, translating to optimal return on investment. Likewise, this projector is a silent operator with a low 30dB noise level.



Drawback of the Projector

Users in general have no complaints about the product. The only downside to this projector is its steep price tag, but as indicated earlier users can maximize their investment as the product’s lamp life is long-lasting.

Optoma is a respected maker of home theater and multimedia data projector screens, and the company has once again proved its superiority with the EH500 1080p 4700 Lumen Full 3D DLP Network Projector.

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